How Easy is it to Get an Expat Mortgage?

If you have chosen to live to Dubai and are looking to either remortgage your existing UK property or purchase a new buy to let investment, you will likely be contemplating our most commonly-asked question Рhow easy is it to get an expat mortgage?

The answer to this is of course entirely dependant upon your individual circumstances, but for the majority of clients we support across UAE, the answer is usually, fairly straight forward.

There is likely to be more paperwork compared to a conventional mortgage if you were based in the UK, but as long as you pass the checks completed with any mortgage application, we are highly likely to be able to secure you a mortgage offer. These checks include affordability, size of deposit and verification of your identification.

We are often approached by new clients who are seriously concerned about managing this process from Dubai, but an experienced and regulated broker such as Ryan Radford, who manages Expat Mortgage Expert, will be able to walk you through this process with very few issues.

Whether it is the remortgage of an existing property or the purchase of a new buy to let investment, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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